36 Perfect Gifts for the Vegan In Your Life

Because sometimes, it's not that obvious what's actually vegan.

December 14, 2021
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A while back, my friend Bree, who happens to be vegan, told a story. She used to date a guy whose mother would always introduce her by saying: “This is Bree. She’s VEY-GON.”

“It was like I was from the planet Vega, in the faraway galaxy of kohlrabi,'' she says. She may as well have been—in the early days of her lifestyle change she felt “very misunderstood.”

Chances are you’ve got a vegan friend, or a few. Chances are that at some point in their lives they’ve been asked: “You won’t eat brisket, but will you have an egg?” Well, you don’t want to be any version of that person.

And if your vegan friends are anything like mine, sometimes, they need (vegan) gifts. I like to think of each occasion as an opportunity to make good on all the people who don’t totally get their life choices. But I’ll also be the first to admit it’s not always easy—my own struggle became apparent when I realized most wines aren't 100 percent vegan.

So, with that in mind, we sifted through a universe of possibilities to get to the good stuff. Here are 36 gifts—good-looking, funny, nurturing, and thoughtful—that are perfect for vegans.

Photo by Farmaesthetics

1. Farmaesthetics Pink Petal Roses Solar Salt Mineral Bath, $38

A friend of mine has this, and swears by its calming properties—not to mention, gorgeous scent. "Just thinking about soaking in it at the end of a tiring day at work makes my shoulders relax," are her words. And, it's part of Farmaesthetics' (a herbal skincare brand I personally love) vegan range of products, so there's much more goodness there where this came from.

Photo by Amazon

2. Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Bar Soap (Pack of 5), $24.94

Okay, so this may not be the sexiest gift, but it certainly will get used (and isn’t that the idea of a good gift?). Plus, we are big fans of Dr. Bronner’s, both for its clean ingredients as well as its quirky brand messaging. These almond soaps are super moisturizing and made from plant-based ingredients—good for you, good for the planet.

Photo by Momofuku

3. Momofuku’s Seasoning Salts (3-Pack), $30

This starter pack of three Momofuku seasoned salts, which are 100-percent vegan and made with natural and organic ingredients, will supercharge their go-to plant-based dishes. They’re packed with the same umami-rich ingredients used in Momofuku restaurants, so the recipient can close their eyes, take a bite, and feel like they’re right there.

Photo by Ty Mecham

4. Big Spoon Roasters Mini Nut Butter Sample, $40

What's even better than one nut butter? A sampling kit of four! Included in this pack is Big Spoon's toasted coconut almond butter, the OG that drew me away from my peanut-butter-is-the-only-nut-butter-that-matters stance. My breakfasts are so much better for it (and your friend’s will be, too).

Photo by Ty Mecham

5. Bamboozle Bamboo Compost Bin, $50

This biodegradable, durable (and frankly, really attractive) bamboo pail will collect your pal’s scraps and hold them until they’re ready for the compost pile (or pot for stock!). It also comes equipped with an odor-blocking filter (and a free year’s supply of filters) that they will be very thankful for.

Photo by Bee's Wrap

6. Vegan Bee's Wrap (Set of 3), $18.99

These wraps, from Bee's Wrap, are a natural alternative to single-use plastic wrap for food storage, and keep your food fresher, longer: you just wrap the fabric around the food tightly and it’ll stick to itself. Once you’re done, just wash it out, dry it, and reuse it. And oh, did we mention these are vegan?

Photo by Purple Carrot

7. Purple Carrot Meal Kit Subscription, $51.94+

They'll appreciate the ease and simplicity of Purple Carrot, not to mention the delicious vegan meals. You can gift a recurring subscription and they can choose the weekly meals.

Photo by Otherland

8. Otherland Chandelier Candle, $36

Vegan, and paraben- and cruelty-free with a really long burn time—aka the best company for a relaxed night in. Not to mention that the gift boxes are beautiful and come with a set of matches, so you don't need to wrap anything yourself.

Photo by Lush
Photo by Ty Mecham

9. Ekobo Recycled Chip and Dip Plate, $39

A serving platter made of recycled bamboo fiber that's stylish, lightweight, and durable—and the perfect vessel for veg and hummus, chips and guac...whatever they’re snacking on, really.

Photo by Amazon

10. Fullstar Vegetable Spiralizer, $14.98

You don't have to be vegan to love a great spiralizer, but for many a raw-food vegan, they're especially crucial.

Photo by Hu

11. Hu Chocolate Bars, $23.40 for four

Because a clean-eating, vegan chocolate bar sounds like a misnomer—but it doesn't have to be. Choose from a variety of flavors that'll be sure to please anyone's tastebuds.

Photo by Peddler Journal

12. Subscription to Peddler Journal, $20

Peddler Journal is a magazine from Aussie food writer Hetty McKinnon. It's a joyful celebration of the multi-cultures of home cooking and dominated by gorgeous yet uncomplicated veggie and vegan recipes.

Photo by James Ransom

13. Garden Jar Herb Growing Kit, $44

An itty-bitty kitchen countertop garden that literally takes up the size of a pasta jar, because...cozy apartments.

14. Make a Donation

You can help your loved one give back to charities committed to making life better for people, the planet, and animals. There are several to choose from, from the Humane Society and Animal Legal Defense Fund, to localized organizations. Chilis on Wheels, for instance, delivers free plant-based meals to communities in need.

Photo by The Wonderful Wine

15. The Wonderful Wine Starter Pack, $60 for 3 bottles

Turns out, it’s hard to know when a wine is vegan or not, but The Wonderful Wine is a cinch. Its starter pack includes a red, white, and rosé to whet their appetite.

Photo by Goldbelly

16. We Take the Cake Vegan Chocolate 4-Layer Cake, $79

This delicious birthday cake has four layers of cake and frosting without any eggs or dairy—proof that vegans can have their cake and eat it too.

Photo by Rocky Luten

17. Vegan and Mighty Salads by Food52, $24

Think sweet pea hummus, tempeh kebabs, and roasted cauliflower and freekeh salad. The recipes are so delicious that we think you might end up getting a set for yourself.

Photo by Ty Mecham

18. CapaBunga Multi-Pocket Canvas Market Tote, $50–$65

Perfect for farmers' market runs, this hardy and good looking tote has a pocket for everything.

Photo by Matt & Nat

19. Matt&Nat Ozma Vegan Coin Purse, $40

Vegan leather brand Matt&Nat has the perfect cruelty-free but fashion-forward gift for your favorite vegan. Plus, this little coin purse clips onto keys to always keep it handy.

Photo by Rocky Luten

20. Chef'nCountertop Sprouter, $27.99

Small enough to hold in one hand, cute enough to look like a terrarium, and efficient enough to produce a heck-ton of sprouts.

Photo by veganpowerco

21. Vegan Power Co. For The Animals Enamel Pin, $7+

Because enamel pins will always be cool. This one's for vegans who proudly wear their hearts (and tummies) on their shirt/apron/hat.

Photo by Amazon

22. Sweet Potato Soul by Jenné Claiborne, $13.52

Full of vegan twists on Southern soul food, author and blogger Jenné Claiborne had us at Bootylicious Gumbo.

Photo by Love Goodly

23. Love Goodly Essential Bi-Monthly Subscription Box, $34.95

For vegan, non-toxic, and cruelty-free cosmetics delivered straight to their door throughout the year.

Photo by Mercy for Animals

24. Wow Cow Beach Towel, $29.99

Why sun bathe on a floral towel when you can do so on a cow motif? Every purchase of these soft and fluffy towels contributes to Mercy for Animal's mission to eradicate the raising of animals for food—something your vegan friend is likely passionate about.

Photo by Amazon

25. Cultures For Health Vegan Yogurt Starter, $10.99

A vegan yogurt starter kit is the gift that will keep on giving.

Photo by Mouth

26. Made by Mouth Vegan Snack Box, $109

Sweet, salty, savory, chewy, crunchy—and all plant-based.

Photo by Etsy

27. Spruce And Pine Co. Zero Waste Kit, $45+

This all-inclusive kit is perfect for anyone on your list who's looking to reduce their footprint, not just vegans, with reusable utensils, lunch boxes, tote bags, straws, and more.

Photo by Amazon

28. EcoTools Makeup Brush Set , $9.98

For the vegan in your life who loves to get made up: sworn-by makeup brushes that are totally cruelty-free.

Photo by Veja

29. Veja Vegan Trainers, $131+

Sneakers that are totally on-trend, and don't use animal products? Yes, they'll love them. While some Veja styles do incorporate leather, they have a large selection of shoes made from non-animal materials.

Photo by Pacifica

30. Pacifica Color Quench Lip Tint, $5

Since many lip balms have beeswax in them, it's usually pertinent to check the ingredients of a beauty product before purchasing one for a vegan friend. These are 100 percent vegan, super moisturizing, and lightly tinted.

Photo by Amazon

31. House Plant Shop Subscription, $18

We're willing to bet that the vegan in your life is also a plant parent, and in this case, a monthly houseplant subscription is the perfect thing. Each one comes sustainably packaged, includes care instructions, and all species are pet-friendly.

Photo by Sephora

32. Milk Makeup Mini Day + Night Serum and Mask Face Set, $39

Another gift for the makeup- and skincare-loving vegan in your life: a set of cult faves from the ever-popular brand, Milk, that includes two serums and two face masks.

Photo by Rocky Luten

33. Five Two Organic Cotton Reusable Produce Bags, $29 for 8

What's a veggie haul without reusable bags? These come in two versatile weaves and three sizes, and are machine washable—making their reuse all the easier.

Photo by Amazon

34. YARKOR Tofu Press, $19.98

This might be the most satisfying way to eliminate excess water from a block of tofu, since the transparent design lets you see the moisture being squeezed from it. Plus, now your friend's tofu has all the more room to soak up a marinade.

Photo by Amazon

35. How to Be a Vegan and Keep Your Friends by Annie Nichols, $13.29

Transitioning into a plant-based diet might be the easier part of veganism compared to the lengthy explainers your friend often has to give, and the rolled eyes they might receive. Giving this book is a lighthearted reminder that you're here for the long run.

36. A Meaningful Conversation

Be more willing to have the kinds of empathic conversations your vegan friend is dying to have outside of her immediate vegan circle. Remember, affirming conversations go a long way in bridging boundaries.

Have a great vegan gift idea? Let us know in the comments.

This post was updated in December 2021 to add even more vegan gifts.

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Lynn D. December 14, 2021
I also think the Beeswrap would not qualify as a vegan gift.
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