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Our Favorite Modular Couches Are on *Major* Sale Right Now

And desks, and side tables, and rugs...

February 17, 2022
Photo by Burrow

For the past three years, I’ve recommended my Burrow Nomad sectional to anyone who was willing to listen. It’s a modular full-grain leather sectional with a moveable lounging chaise and ottoman, and it’s withstood a move, dogs with sharp claws, and kids with lots of energy. It’s something I’d pay top dollar for (full disclosure: I tested the couch some years ago as a writer specializing in home and kitchen gear), and it's on major sale right now for Presidents' Day.

Now through February 27, you can save up to $600 at Burrow and get free shipping with the code PREZ22 at checkout. As with all of its sales, the larger your purchase, the larger the discount—here's the low-down:

  • 10 percent off orders up to $1,499
  • $200 off $1,500+
  • $250 off $2,000+
  • $300 off $2,500+
  • $400 off $3,000+
  • $600 off $4,000+

If you need some inspo, here are some of our favorite Burrow pieces you might want to add to cart—yes, including my beloved couch.

1. Block Nomad Leather King Sectional with ottoman, $4,385 $3,785

I love this couch for its mid-century style, comfy seats, and modular design. I can just take the cushions out, fold the seats down, and move the whole thing around as needed. I have a four-seater with a chaise and ottoman, but there are cozy loveseats for small spaces, too. The sturdy full-grain leather is classic, somehow not sticky even during the summer, and hasn’t ripped or torn in the past three years.

Photo by Burrow

2. Field 4-Piece Sectional Lounger, $1,890 $1,690

Burrow's newest seating style Field is a bit more sleek than the Nomad, but every bit as comfortable with deep seats and plush cushions. This four-piece sectional has a lounger that you can place on either end depending on your room layout, and the two neutral gray shades would complement every room's vibe.

Photo by Burrow

3. Pilot Standing Desk, $1,295 $1,165.50

This streamlined standing desk is the perfect blend of looks and utility. It's made of sturdy wood and steel, and has two compartments for cord management, a control panel, and soft-close drawer—a luxury when it comes to furniture.

Photo by Burrow

4. Range 2-Piece One Arm Sofa, $935 $841.50

If I didn’t already own a Burrow sectional, I’d buy this beauty in a heartbeat. The mossy green color is fun and unexpected (though there are more neutral colors like light and dark gray), and the fabric would add so much texture to my living room. It has a lower profile and wider cushions than the Nomad and Field, and comes in plenty of configurations to fit your space.

Photo by Burrow

5. Index Wall Shelf, Set of 4, $1,495 $1,345.50

Is this a shelving system or a full-wall bookcase? Either way, we'll take two please.

Photo by Burrow

This post was updated February 2022 with details about Burrow's latest sale. Happy shopping!

What do you have your eye on? Drop some inspo in the comments below!

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Written by: Jada Wong

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[email protected] January 4, 2022
I love Burrow furniture too! I have a Nomad Sleep Kit, still in package, brand new. (I cannot return for refund from Burrow as I missed the 30-day return deadline.) Since you have recommended Burrow furniture, I am wondering if any of your readers may be interested in brand new Sleep Kit from Burrow for $250 plus shipping. It was delivered to me on 11/12. Thanks.